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What we do

Proactively advocates for an enabling environment for the growth of the local production in Africa through policy changes and time limited incentives.

The Africa-based pharmaceutical manufacturing sector promotes investments and creates knowledge based jobs, thereby improving competitiveness as well as public health.

Promotion of higher Good Manufacturing practices and efficiencies in production.

FAPMA is committed to the production of quality, efficacious and affordable medicines that meet international standards. FAPMA is committed to the attainment of the highest Good Manufacturing Practices, equivalent to WHO standards.

Contributes and facilitates knowledge and skills development; and technology transfer.

FAPMA is committed to setting and achieving high standards for prioritized skills sets within the industry. FAPMA is committed to ensuring that personnel with the relevant skills are available to meet the needs of the industry.

Contributes towards the realization of the regulatory harmonization vision in Africa.

FAPMA recognizes that a harmonized regulatory environment will lead to the growth of the industry, leading to increase access to affordable, quality-assured medicines in Africa.

Supports the development of partnerships or business linkage platforms for access to markets, funding and technology.

FAPMA recognizes the need for partnerships to build capacity to realize their vision of contributing towards access to quality affordable medicines in South Africa.

Supports and strengthens regional manufacturing associations.

FAPMA is committed to implementing activities and programmes that will strengthen the regional Africa-based pharmaceutical manufactures associations. The Federation further acts as an industry coordinating body by promoting excellence, facilitating networking opportunities, disseminating information and raising awareness regarding matters relating to the pharmaceutical industry.
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Supported by : United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)