Dr. Paul Lartey - Member of the Board

Dr. Paul LarteyDr. Paul Lartey is CEO of LaGray Chemical Company, a vertically integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Ghana. He previously worked for Abbott Laboratories, Pharmacia-Upjohn and Pfizer, all in the US. Dr. Lartey was also Director of Infectious Diseases Drug Discovery Research at Pharmacia and at Pfizer. He has a number of patents and publications in drug discovery and in synthetic organic chemistry.

Dr. Lartey has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and a Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology, Ghana, a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA and did post-doctoral studies in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at Yale University in the US.

As founding Chair of FAPMA and former Vice president of the West African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations, Dr. Lartey has made significant contributions to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa and the Pharmaceutical Plan for ECOWAS.

Dr. Lartey is a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Fellow of the West Africa Postgraduate College of Pharmacists and a Fellow of the Ghana College of Pharmacists.